The Shock TRUTH About Online Dating That
Took Me From 30-Something, Single & Frustrated
...To High-Quality Man Magnet! 

Where had they gone?  The good guys?

The decent, attractive, eligible men in their 30's?

They definitely weren’t online.  Ugh.  Don’t even get me started.

If all you've ever found online is Mr. Wrong,  here's a short story that you're gonna love...

I'm Erin

And most days,  I love my life.

I'm blessed with good friends,  a supportive family,  a great job,  my own apartment...  Really, a life full of abundance.

But until a few months ago,  there was a piece missing.  A great big hole,  right there in the middle of my existence.

I was single. Very single.

I hadn't had a decent date in longer than I could remember.  I just never met guys I liked anymore.

And good men weren't exactly knocking down my door either  (or winking, poking, nudging ... pick your favorite flirt function  ;0)

But I was about to learn a TRUTH.  About why my online dating inbox was such a disaster zone...

The Waiting Game

Back in my 20's,  meeting men felt easier.  

Don’t get me wrong,  I was no Elizabeth Taylor.  I’ve never been that confident around men,  outside of work.

But during those carefree times,  the idea of dating in order to find a husband  -  simply didn’t enter my thoughts.

"Love Just Happens"   I told myself.

Plan B?

One day,  I looked round and realized that most of my friends had married,  moved to the 'burbs, and started having kids.

It was quite a moment,  let me tell ya.

Painfully aware of not getting left behind...  life became  "Operation:  Prince Charming".

From speed dating,  to dinner dating ... singles vacations,  to tai chi.  I left no stone un-turned.

But after a while,  the thought of going to another singles mixer in a cheesy bar  -  like some 21 year old  -  became just Not Fun.

But,  amazingly,  there was ONE place I could meet men, without ever having to change out of my pajamas....

#HelloSexy ♥

No doubt you've heard the stats:

40 million Americans are online dating.
1 in 3 marriages start with an online hook up.

Yada,  yada,  yada...

Now much as I LOVE the idea of meeting The One from the comfort of my sofa  -  it had just never really worked for me. 

But you've gotta be in it to win it,  right??

So there I was.  All signed up.  OKCupid.  Match.  eHarmony.  The usual suspects.

I had NO CLUE that my profile was actually sabotaging my chances of meeting serious prospects...

High Hopes

After updating my profile,  I always had a flurry of interest  (gotta love that algorithm).

I caught myself feeling optimistic.  Arranging dates with men that had semi-decent profiles.

But there was always,  always,  a deal breaker.

Like,  he was totally dull.  Or he kept mentioning his ex.  Or I wasn’t remotely attracted to him.  Or he was moving to Alaska.

So I’d have a string of 6 or 7 disastrous dates, then collapse in a heap of emotional exhaustion.

I’d lick my wounds for a few weeks,  or months,  until I felt ready. Then the whole darn thing would fire up again.

Wrong Ballpark

Something wasn’t right here.

It's like I was a beacon for all the creeps, players and time-wasters on the internet.

I'd become a total jerk-magnet.  

And to add insult to injury,  they were usually 10 years too old or 10 years too young for me.  (Oh,  what I'd give for a thirty-something loser to write me  ;0)  

Eligible men in their 30's,  it was clear from their profiles,  just wanted to hook up with 25 year old women.

It was so depressing.

Oh, the irony

But no matter how dejected I felt,  or how close I came to giving up the ghost...

Those online dating sites offered me a lifeline.  The fact that my profile existed,  meant that I was somehow still “out there”.

Even if I hadn’t actually logged on for a month.
Or gone on any actual dates for much longer. 


A Saturday morning.  11.57am.

My cell phone rings.

"Guess what??"  It's my friend Tammy.  Breathless.  Vibed.

Like me, Tammy spent years feeling like she never got The Memo when it came to love.  (You know the one).

As she tells me all about her new man,  Richard  -  who she met on a dating site,  no less  -  I am AMAZED.

It’s early days.  But she knows this is something special.  And Richard has told her he feels the same way.

Now this is a woman who does not fall easily for guys.  She's been diligently online dating for years,  holding out for Mr. Right.

After a minute or two,  Tammy pauses meaningfully.

“I’m going to send you a video,  Erin,  and I want you to watch it.  All of it.  PROMISE me you’ll watch it”.

The Bombshell

Later that night,  after returning from drinks in town,  I head straight to Tammy's email  and click on the link.

(I've posted the video below.  I want you to watch it for yourself,  right after you finish reading this).

Let's just say,  it's a major "Ah-ha" moment,  as I learn the surprising truth about why I only seem to attract losers.

Stuff like...

What men REALLY see when they look at your profile...

Why it's virtually impossible,  as a woman,  to understand the subtle signals that your profile is giving out to men...

And the almost magical formula that draws good men to you online,  and compels them to want to get to know you better...

I know you shouldn't have regrets.

But it pains me to think of it.  All that time, without the things that really matter:  Affection.  Partnership.  Love. 

But not anymore.  Never again.  Life's very different now.

Just 4 weeks after that Saturday night,  and my love life is completely unrecognizable.

I rush home every night to see who's written me.  I'm like a 16 year old girl who's just discovered the miracle of boys.

The jerks,  time-wasters,  and slackers,  seem to have backed right off.  Or at least,  I'm able to spot them a mile off now.

And out of nowhere,  I'm being approached by attractive, eligible,  30-something men. 

Those guys that overlooked me.  Or didn't write me back.

Here they are.  Being inexplicably drawn to me.  Responding to me. Pursuing me.  It's a little crazy.

Last week,  I had 3 dates with guys I met online.  One of them I have a really good feeling about.  We're going out again this week.  Watch this space...

Here's the video Tammy sent me (just "click" the video to watch it). Make sure you watch it ALL the way through,  so you don't miss the surprise ending.  And all the extra support to help you on your way. It's totally worth it.

I really hope the video has the same impact on you as it did on me. Because it has completely transformed my love life.

And with it,  my prospects of finding The One.  I know now,  with 100% certainty,  that he's out there,  somewhere,  tapping away...

Here's to our Happily Ever After!

With love,

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